3826 W River Road,

$4900/mth - Min Term: 12 months

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Type:Acreage Home
Square Feet:3000
Pets:No Pets
Smoking:No Smoking
Parking:3 Parking Spots
Washer/Dryer:In-Suite Laundry



About this Property


"Beautiful Delta Modern Family Home"


Peaceful and serene, modern family home in Delta!  This beautiful home features 4 bedrooms 4 bathrooms inside a spacious 3000 sq ft...sitting on 20 acres land, however the tenants will have exclusive use of the fenced backyard.

Chef's kitchen made for entertaining, great finishes throughout.

Rural living at it's finest...enjoy the tranquility and nature of Delta. 

Minimum 12 months
This is a duplex style property, this is a self contained (upper) home. Families only
Small pet maybe, only upon owner approval
Available March 1st

For a viewing please send a message with how many people it's for, and what you do for work.


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